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     Founded in 2008, originally began as a mold making plant established in Hong Kong in the nineties. After over 30 years of unremitting efforts and developments, the Company has grown into an integrated enterprise with precision injection molds development、design and manufacture, plastic parts molding、surface finish (such as silkscreen, pad printing, transfer printing, hot stamping and electroplating etc.), assembly, hardware accessories production and sales. The Company is well known in the region because of its specialized large molds making and molding capabilities and always uphold the continuous technology innovations as the root and the optimized customer service as the core, which has won the widespread praise from the customers and clients.
     Located in Fenggang Town, Dongguan, built with the separate buildings and facilities for the mold making and the molding as well as the professional production line and workshop for the surface processing and finishing. Over the past years, the Company has introduced the cutting edge technologies in the mold making and molding field and invested a great deal of resources to bring in the advanced diversities of numerical control machining centers and established a complete production and supply chain to make the different types of molds and run the molding production. The Company is owning the different kinds of numerical control machining centers, mirror EDM’s, CMM’s, image measurers, wide ranges of injection molding machines from 60 tons to 1800 tons, and professional surface processing facilities and production lines. The company has established a sound quality system for ISO 9001:2008.
     The Company’s mission is to help our employee, business associates and customers achieve the value success together. We invite you to visit our facilities to see for yourself at your convenience and sincerely wish to establish business relations and associations with the friends all over the world.

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